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Virtual town hall | How to solve the climate crisis: let’s look at the bright side

On November 10th, 2021, we hosted a virtual town hall on how sustainable frontrunners can make their performance the norm for the rest! 

When thinking about the climate, well let’s just say it’s not easy to keep it up. The enormity of the task - stopping the climate crisis - is daunting. However, some people and yes, even companies, are working hard to up the standard and create a race to the top, not the bottom.

It’s the case of Willem Vriesendorp, the founder of #SustainablePublicAffairs, the lobbying agency for business cases with a climate-positive impact. Willem joined Colombe (our co-founder) and Marco (a key Atlas volunteer) to discuss how we can stop the climate crisis this way, and the need to ban fossil fuel subsidies.

If you missed the talk, you can view it here


As Willem said, "We need Atlas and its activists to keep on pushing as the results of COP26 are so far short of what we need." And as precisely we mentioned during the panel, we like to make sure that we translate discussions and good thoughts into action. After spending an hour discussing the importance of individual actions, we are thus asking you to spend a few seconds to sign our petition and spread the word to achieve just that: click here & sign our campaign to ban fossil fuel subsidies!

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