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Atlas Newsletter | "My brother died for a dream we all have"

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Dear friends,

We are on a mission, the one of uniting the world 🌍. For Freedom. For Equity. For Wellbeing. 

Imagine a world where wealth and power are democratized, people and groups have access to equity, and we manage to unite beyond borders. Imagine this happening everywhere humans are, beyond divisions. Now stop imagining, and start building with us!

.. . and that’s not all: we have a lot of news. Read on for all the details ​​⤵️


“My brother died for a dream we all have”, said a relative of one of the 63 people who drowned near Cape Verde. They left Senegal on board an overcrowded wooden pirogue to reach Spain, searching for a better life.

Countless lives are lost every day because of our active choice to let people die when they are attempting to flee places with no opportunities, where they are prosecuted or live in extremely dire situations. They have no safe way to reach wealthier nations and must put their lives at risk to find an escape route. In 2022, an estimated 6,876 individuals died attempting to migrate, according to  IOM - UN Migration . “No one put their children on a boat unless the water is safer that the land” a famous poem goes.

It does not have to be that way. Borders and nations are a fictional concept: no one should have the right to determine whether you or I have access to opportunities, whether our lives are miserable or prosperous because of factors outside our control. Borders must be open, and they will be. In the meantime, as the current idiotic system stands, people must be granted legal migration routes, especially toward aging countries that need plenty of motivated young people to rejuvenate society.

👉 For more details on our take, watch this video of my co-founder Andrea

👉 In other news, Saudi 🇸🇦 border guards are accused of killing hundreds of people, many of them Ethiopians, who cross war-torn Yemen to reach the country. You can read my take on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram


To make this dream of a united, borderless world a reality, we must unite, fast. So let’s get started on September 2nd  💫 for Atlas’ Unity Day to discuss how to Tax multinationals across the world, as more than $400 billion are lost each year in tax avoidance & evasion.

Unity Day is a global get-together EVERY 1st Saturday of the month, during which we celebrate Unity and what it could mean for the world. We explore divisive questions, exchange on what might be done, and might just choose to take action for change! 

And it’s happening everywhere. Join us: 

🌍 Online, here

🇮🇹 In Florence, here

🇮🇳 In Delhi, here

🇵🇹 In Lisbon, here

Email us at [email protected] if you want to host one ;). Unity Days are likely to happen as well in Mumbai 🇮🇳 and Nairobi 🇰🇪


Do you want to grab the opportunity to contribute to this adventure? We are hosting an onboarding call in a few minutes, as well as the kick-off for our Policy and Team teams in the coming hours. If you follow the form below, you’ll be able to jump in directly:

Here are a few more details on the alleys anyone can take to support and lead our mission!

  1. Join the Global Teams Communication, Tech, Policy, Strategy, Legal, Community
  2. Build our National Presence | We are looking for National Organizers to establish a presence in countriesand lay the groundwork to create national Atlas organizations
  3. Work in your community | Become a Local Organizer and host Unity Day to create an inclusive space for Unity to blossom

… and more! The sky is literally the limit, and we are ready to work with you to explore new ideas ;)


We have moved our community to this Social Media/ Community Tool, as it’s very popular and extremely focused on privacy and security. So, if you want to join the Atlas family…

Let's change the world together!



Colombe Cahen-Salvador (she/her)

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