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Member Newsletter | from Seoul🇰🇷 to Nairobi🇰🇪, we cannot stop!

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Dear friends,

It’s almost the end of January, can you believe it?! Time flies and change must follow. While the last decades have brought unprecedented progress, countless walls have been erected, divisions created, and bridges burned. Change must come through unity✊. 

Check out this newsletter to hear how we plan to unleash our joint potential, join some upcoming events and check out some news.

1. Volunteer with Atlas

Good news 🎉 we have new team leaders for all our global teams: 🚂 Operations, 🤝 Community,  📚 Policy, 📢  Communication,  💾  Tech. They are kickstarting their work, and you can join those teams. If you want to volunteer in one of those teams, email me and I’ll get you set up!

We are also still looking for co-leads for the communication team and the community one!  

If you are interested in attempting to change this planet, check here the requirements for the post and how to apply.

2. Spread your ideas💡

Have you ever thought about having a say in how multinationals are taxed 💰? On what we can do in space 🛰️ or how the world fights climate change?

Well, you should be able to decide we should all have a say in how the world is run, and in decisions that impact us all. That’s why at Atlas we are running consultations to co-design what an ideal democratic world governance would look like! Then, we will campaign on it. AND we want to hear from you!

We already have some crazy ideas being proposed, from creating a 4th branch of government to how to tackle disinformation 

3. Attend an event 🫶

In order to better brainstorm to create the world of tomorrow, we are hosting a series of events.

In-person ☕:

🇰🇪 Nairobi Consultations | Human Rights & Global Governance on February 18th. RSVP here

🇬🇧 London Consultations | Democracy & governance post-Brexit on February 22nd. RSVP here

Online 💻: 

Every 2 weeks, we will hold online brainstorming sessions on how democracy should be and what governance we want. We are planning to invite great guests to help us think outside of the box. Join our first one next Thursday (February 2nd), 🕰 at 8 am NYC time / 1 pm London time / 10 pm Tokyo Time

4. Read 🗞️

While running some consultations in South Korea, we had the chance to sit with a journalist from the Korea Times, the main English language paper in the country. Here is the interview that came out of it!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, and let’s change the world together! #WeAreOne!




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