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A talk with Jon Alexander | A Citizen approach to democracy & governance

On April 13th, we held an amazing discussion with Jon Alexanderto discuss what a Citizen approach means to governance & democracy! Jon has focused on the citizen shift concept for many years. After working in ads for many years, he decided to use all his crazy skills to change the story we live in from people buying stuff to people making decisions about our lives. 
As he put it in his book, "In the Consumer Story, we ask ourselves what we as individuals are getting in return for our taxes. In a Citizen society, we recognize the tax we pay as our contribution to sustaining the whole."

Watch this recording in which our co-founder Colombe Cahen-Salvador talks with him about:

  • The Matrix and star wars, and their link to democracy 
  • What's a Citizen approach to the world 
  • How Taiwan is leading the way 
  • Jon's idea of "rapid democracy"
  • How global governance would be changed if looked at through a Citizen lens...

...and more!

Here are some of the resources we mentioned during the talk:

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