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Let's build the first Digital State!

🌍 Context

At Atlas, we advocate creating a global governance infrastructure that could give a voice to people worldwide, overcome national interests, and ensure that humanity can tackle global challenges and harness global opportunities. While international organizations like the United Nations already try to advance a global agenda, they are often predated by the national interests of major powers and their allies (and cannot do anything on major humanitarian crises and clampdowns on people’s rights). They are highly undemocratic: there is no alley for citizens to influence their work.


💻 Proposal

Atlas intends to create the first Digital State in the history of humankind. Borderless in nature, people from all over the world will be able to “apply for citizenship” and partake in the democratic governance of this State. The goal is to showcase to the world that transnational governance is needed to solve global issues & make the world equitable and start to implement it through the creation of a digital state.

The creation of such a venture will have at least three very concrete sub-goals:

  1. Have a direct impact, as the digital State will perform services better than the “competition” and perform international lobbying as if the State reaches a significant size, it will be able to look eye-to-eye other countries
  2. Innovate democracy drastically. We will implement the most cutting-edge innovative democratic best practices to engage citizens like never before by creating a new type of governance!
  3. Unite people through collaboration and perhaps provide an answer to the biggest questions of our times, such as how we can tackle climate change.



We will found the State in 2022, and by 2025, the latest, we intend it to be fully functioning and spun off the perimeter of Atlas.


👉 How to get involved

  1. Subscribe to this page to receive updates and calls to action from the Digital State Team (you can also reach us at [email protected])!
  2. Join the team of volunteers driven this project by becoming an Atlas member at this link. We are looking for any help possible, from tech-savvy people to democracy lovers, from marketing genius to people passionate about exploring new ideas!
  3. Donate to the project here, as we need all support possible to make this happen!



Who's joining
Alessandro Dalmasso
Alessandro Dalmasso
Zov Schmebulock
Laure Dehem