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Digital Freedom Marathon

We are organising the second edition of the Freedom Marathon 📣 : 4 days of celebration, discussion, and action that YOU get to be a part of. 4 days of on the ground events and actions. Want to know more? Here’s the run-through ⤵️
The Freedom Marathon will be opened with 3-days of mind-blowing intervention by democracy leaders, and in-depth discussions with YOU! This matters: we will use these ideas to inform our democracy campaign and create a Union for Democracy! If you love democracy and you dream of protecting, promoting and innovating it, this is for you: register today!
  • Sept 15th: We are not free until we are all free!
Panel discussion 1 to 2.30 pm BST | “Freedom Fighters, Unite!”
Speakers: President Guaido 🇻🇪 , Vladimir Ashurkov 🇷🇺 , Ted Hui 🇭🇰, Wai Wai Nu 🇲🇲Veronica Tsepkalo ⚪️🔴⚪️
💬 Workshop 3 pm - 4 pm BST | How can we best protect & support freedom fighters across the world? Let’s discuss and create an action plan! Guests: Anar Mammadli, Tamara Adrian, Ammar Abdulhamid, Felix Nkongho
  • Sept 16th: Democracy is never won, but always remains to be won.
💬 Workshop 3 pm - 4 pm BST | How do we hold countries to the highest democratic standard? Let’s discuss and create an action plan!
  • Sept 17th: A new utopia for democracy is needed!
Panel discussion 12 to 1 pm BST | How can we innovate democratic practices?
Speakers: Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association, Andreas Bummel
💬 Workshop 2 pm - 3 pm BST | Innovative democracy: how can we build tomorrow’s governance model? Let’s discuss and create an action plan!

  • RSVP to join these digital workshops and be kept updated on all the latest!  
  • On Sept 18th, we will host a protest art exhibition and democracy celebration in London. Click here to learn more.
  • For any queries, please reach out to [email protected]
September 15, 2021 at 12pm
until September 17, 2021 at 6pm
Pietro Pizzolato Rajat Khosla Pim Schoehuijs Rosanny Sifontes Sofía Candela Larregina Sasha Markvo Anna Mosconi Aman Ullah Ro Hamidul Hoque Stefano Lodola Zahedu Llah Claudio Lanza Aung Thu Soraida Robles Hkd Movement Khin Maung Hla Henrik Mumm Alessandro Quintarelli Isadora Zubillaga Yasmine A Christian Griot Sita Ram Bhatta Lila Ortega Cherry Yu Oscar Murgueytio Desirée Altobelli Victor Henu Emelisa Callejas Yosr Bouafif Juan Xavier Gutiérrez Sandra Pinti Guillermo Bonacia Jesús Israel Fernández Granados Dylan Benson Martin Penov Riley Lee Mohammed Haque Lin Lu-Chieh Mattia Troiano Alfa Lau Charlotte Meyer Michael Daniel Sagatis Alison Cameron Lisa Brooten Cherry Y Wilmer Suárez Kerri Hillaire Jenny Wong

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