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Brand Identity

The Atlas brand identity has been developed pro-bono by Numera - we are extremely grateful for their awesome work, creativity and vision! 

Please find below the guidelines to use our brand for the purpose of advancing our party's activities or depicting our work.

Logo & Symbol


The Atlas logo is composed of the word Atlas enclosed by a circle. The circle starts from and ends with the capital "A" of Atlas, styled as an upwards-pointing arrow. Depending on representation, the logo might comprise additional descriptive words (such as "Country X") or only feature the arrow & the circle.

The meaning behind the logo is the one representing an inclusive, global movement striving for constant progress.

Colors & Fonts

The brand colors of Atlas mirror the semblance of sunlight at dawn through the utilization of a gradient between yellow and pink, the main colors of the party. Please find below the color codes used by our teams:

Yellow: #F9B233
Pink: #E6007E
White: #FBFBFB
Black: #222222
The official font of the party is Poppins.

Brand utilization guidelines

Atlas' brand is intended for party-related activities, such as social media communication, internal documents, customized merchandise and marketing material, and similar.

Official partners, Atlas members, and members of the public operating in goodwill are free to use the brand at any time unless the use is aimed at activities or objectives in conflict with Atlas' values and aims. 

The Atlas brand can be used for commercial use only if explicit consent is granted by Atlas. Atlas reserves the right to prohibit the utilization of its brand in any circumstances where this use might be harmful, illegal, or of an inappropriate nature.

For any requests or guidance, please contact us at [email protected]

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