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Atlas Policy Call | Resist Dictatorships

Join our weekly Policy Call, in which volunteers collaborate to find solutions to the biggest threats of our times. To do so, register to volunteer.

We are right now drafting the Survival Bill and this week's call is focused on finding ways to resist dictatorships. Indeed, global freedom declined for the 18th year in 2023. Today, almost 40% of the world’s population lives under authoritarian rule. This impacts the billions of people directly affected, and us all. Authoritarian regimes increase the risk of conflicts and crises, threatening global peace. They are also more illiberal towards minorities, whose rights and freedoms are cracked down upon most. 

No country alone has the leverage to push back against authoritarian states or protect freedom; it is fundamental to present a common front. For democracy to thrive, countries believing in its values must unite internationally. This way, they’ll be able to coordinate sanctions and responses to authoritarian crackdowns and learn from one another to better democratic systems.

We won’t lie. Standing against dictatorship isn’t straightforward, especially when democracies commit some of the ills authoritarian states are accused of. But it is needed for humanity’s future. How else could we start to improve it?

The Survival Bill is our cry for Unity. It is our Global Political Programme, based on the values of equity, wellbeing and freedom. It is our promise to you: as we run to become United Nations Secretary-General, we promise to do everything in our power to ensure our survival. Read it here, and get ready to vote for it at our Summit in July 2024.

Volunteer to draft policy solutions to resist dictatorships

April 30, 2024
1pm - 2pm