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Virtual Town Hall | Will Nguyen on the struggle for democracy in Vietnam

A word on our virtual town hall from NOW!'s our co-executive directors, Colombe and Andrea! 

Dear Friends,

Last week, we held a virtual town hall with Will Nguyen
- a democracy activist - on the state of democracy in #Vietnam! 

If you have missed the event, you can rewatch it here!

We discussed the escalation of the crackdown on human rights activists and dissidents ahead of the Communist Party's 13th party congress scheduled for January 2021; how it ties into the broader freedom struggle in Asia; and what we can all do to support freedom fighters! 

I learnt a lot by talking with Will about the history and political trends in Vietnam, its relationship with China and the efforts by the Vietnamese people abroad to further democracy.

As Will said it very powerfully, we have no choice but to work for a better world and no better way of going about it than by uniting. Join us and become a member today, be part of the change! 

Thank you,

Colombe and Andrea

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