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Member Voices | I am determined

Introducing the story of Sara Zingaretti, as she shares her history and the talents and passion she brings to Atlas.


"Let me introduce myself: I'm Sara Zingaretti, and I'm part of Atlas Italia. I'm one of the team leaders and want to earn that position in the field." 

How did I get to Atlas? It is a long story and starts with a girl who loved history to death. I remember perfectly my first history lesson. The teacher told about the work of the historian and archaeologist. I wanted to become one of them, studying for the rest of my life, telling the past to understand the present and imagine the future.

Grandfather's WWII stories stirred Sara to pursue education in international politics

Later in time, my grandfather (one of the best people in the world) told me about the Second World War, and among his many stories there was one of a beautiful church in Greece destroyed by bombing. Can you imagine where I'm going with that? I discovered UNESCO and from there the goal was one and only one. International politics! Especially those carried out by the United Nations agencies. 


Sara zingaretti photo

Sara, Atlas Member and Leader - Team Italia and Community Team


Borders are just imaginary lines on territories whose names we have invented. But states exist in the cultural, traditional sense. All this must be protected and safeguarded, but nations cannot be a source of division, of conflict. We are all together and share the same resources, we desire the same things, we are moved by the same passions. I do not deny diversity, it is an immense wealth, but I am talking about what makes us get up in the morning, what moves us or makes us angry, the roots of those emotions are the same at every latitude. 

In Atlas, I saw people sharing a goal, a passion for their country and the world, citizens of the world. 

Talk about motivation! Into what did I translate it? Study... so much study.... First for the Bachelor's degree in International Relations, then to the Master's degree in International Political Studies and then the Master in Political Marketing with many courses in between.  My favorite? Geopolitics of the Middle East.

What struck me about Political Communication is that nothing in the world in which politics communicates is completely natural, words have to be analyzed, texts evaluated. Communication is a science like chemistry.  

Setbacks, hard work, hobbies and avid reading = determination and enthusiasm

I've been working for a long time. I'm a "victim" of the crisis of 2008. I started university right then, but my plans had to change, I had no choice. I started working and studying and I went from the cleaning lady to the Communication officer. I never write all the experiences in my resume or I feel very old.

I'm not all study and work though. I'm a Nerd and I love Marvel comics, especially Spider-Man and X-men. Fantasy made me discover a passion for reading, and today I read almost two novels a month. I also see an embarrassing number of movies a year and I live for art exhibitions. 

I'll stop here on the subject or I'll be writing for 100 years! I have a dog named Hunter (Shield character) and a kitten Arya (Arya Stark). They are both foundlings, they are my babies.    

What do I hope to bring to Atlas? Everything I know...but mostly the life story of a very ordinary person who has experienced her ups and downs. I know how to be determined and wish to communicate that determination.


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