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Member Voices | The warrior within me will continue to ...

Introducing the story of Mohamed Aboelazm, as he shares his calling to speak up for others, from the abolition of the death penalty, prisoners' rights, to international law.


Beginning: I would like to tell you about me:

I am Mohamed Aboelazm, a simple citizen, life lover, a fierce defender of human rights and the rule of law. I am so happy to join Atlas, and I hope we can make a difference and make an impact together.

My passion for human rights advocacy is my natural calling which I am destined to pursue in my life. I voice for people who are unable to speak up for themselves. No one deserves to feel unsafe or be stripped of their basic human rights in the world, and the warrior within me will continue to stand by others as they become warriors through their own struggles.

I worked for the past ten years to support and advocate for human rights, the right to a fair trial and the abolition of the death penalty, the rights of prisoners, and he also worked with international human rights mechanisms. I notably wrote and contributed to reports on justice, torture, extrajudicial killings, emergency, Terrorism, the rule of law, international human rights law, and security policies.

I am also a lawyer and writer with a deep knowledge of and a passionate commitment to human rights. I analyze issues in a rigorous, thoughtful, balanced way to produce practical policy-orientated outputs.

I help build and lead great teams. I have helped build various groups and initiatives in the field of human rights and campaigns. My activism and defence of human rights had a very high price in my life, Which motivates me to complete and sustain my struggle.

My motivation and ambition brought me here.

I hope a society in which people trust their justice to live in peace, where human rights are safeguarded, and intercultural justice and respect become a reality.

By joining Atlas I want to achieve change, justice and peace. Through policy-focused advocacy and across borders, I want to share my expertise with others. I want to build high-impact partnerships. I want to protect life and achieve equality. I want to move forward, to challenge the status quo everywhere.

We have a long way to go, but I believe we can do a lot.

In Atlas, our commitment to our vision, mission, and deep experience in democracy and human rights makes us engage advocates from different states and help them create significant impacts. We believe that more excellent and more lasting social change arises from community organizing and social justice campaigns. I invite you to join us in Atlas for justice, democracy, equality and the defence of our planet.

I guarantee you that you can make an impact by joining us. We are stronger when we are together. Atlas members are young, ambitious, strong-willed members with a vision for the future. We lead research and policy initiatives designed to drive systemic change. Our team members have diverse capabilities, networks spread across many countries of the world, and we bring great allies together from different countries to make a difference. Together, we can make a significant impact towards change.

This is simply me...

Join us!

Together we can make an impact!

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