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Vaccines Without Borders - March 11th

We launched the campaign Vaccines Without Borders in February, to pressure Pfizer to allow other companies to develop their COVID-19 vaccine during the emergency. This means licensing and technology transfer of their vaccine for the duration of the pandemic in the countries that need it most. It has been covered by AJ, Brut, and Blu radio


On March 11th,  Inspired by Bernie Sander’s viral meme, our members brought the message “Lives over profit, change my mind” in front of Pfizer’s offices across the world, to push for Pfizer to share its COVID-19 Vaccines fairly across borders.
Those actions took place in front of tens of Pfizer or BioNtech offices, showcasing international solidarity, incl. in: Abuja (Nigeria), Berlin (Germany), Brussels (Belgium), Cambridge (UK), Copenhagen (Denmark), Delhi (India), Frankfurt (Germany), Kolkata (India), Lisbon (Portugal), Nairobi (Kenya), New York (US), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Tadworth (UK), and in front of the WHO headquarter in Geneva (Switzerland).


For questions or requests, please email [email protected].


To participate in the campaign, become a member

Tadworth (UK)

Delhi (India)

New York (USA)

Lisbon (Portugal)

Berlin (Germany)

Frankfurt (Germany)

Delhi (India)

Brussels (Belgium)

Nairobi (Kenya)

Cambridge (UK)

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