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Big pharmas: share your Covid-19 vaccine with the world

Vaccines are the way out of the pandemic. However, there will not be enough supply to cover the world's population until 2023 or 2024. Vaccine companies cannot meet the global demand. In addition, most vaccines have been bought by a few wealthy nations, leaving behind the rest of the world. 

We must do everything possible to increase vaccine production for all and put an end to the pandemic. That's why we, people of the world, are asking vaccine companies to enable other companies to produce their COVID-19 vaccines and save lives. 

Concretely, we need manufacturing companies to enable licensing and technology transfer of its COVID-19 vaccine to companies in low and lower-middle-income countries, for the duration of the pandemic. Only through collaborative global efforts can we overcome the pandemic.

People of the world, join our call to have #VaccinesWithoutBorders: send a strong message to big pharma companies: tell them to put human lives over profit.


Are you an organization or an individual interested in partnering up for the campaign? Email us at [email protected]

[The designs used in this campaign have been created by Moritz Schröer]

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