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Since July 1st, 2020 we have been campaigning for freedom and democracy across the world. 

We have hosted hundreds of protests in front of embassies and government buildings all across the world, lobbied politicians, hosted many events with leading democratic fighters and created a coalition of pro-democracy leaders from authoritarian countries sent to the G7 to advocate for the creation of a supranational democratic governance. 

Building on our massive work, we have decided to continue our quest for the creation of an international organization to protect, promote and innovate democracy, and actually go a notch higher. 

Over the past years, we witnessed the power and resilience of freedom fighters across the world. We don’t have time to waste. We cannot wait for governments to take action. We have to channel this people's power to build this Union for Democracy. We will be working to establish a citizen-led Union for Democracy to start performing some of those functions we would love to see democratic countries do, such as prosecuting dictators or aiding freedom fighters.

We believe that if we get enough people to join, we will be able to protect freedom fighters, protect democracy and make it stronger. Then, countries will be compelled to join! 

This is probably the biggest campaign we could imagine. The campaign will have four major life stages:

  1. Design of the Union for Democracy | ongoing stage
  2. Creation of a people-version Union as a proof of concept
  3. Operation the people-version Union
  4. Conversion of some key stakeholders (such as countries) to the Union and reform 


👉 If you are interested in helping bring this crazy dream into reality, become a member.

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