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Atlas Internal Call | Slot 2 - UNSG Campaign Kick-Off Call

We are preparing to contest the United Nations Secretary-General Selection process and want your support.

Briefly: The next United Nations Secretary-General will not be elected but selected. Every 5 years,  a few world powers will select the Chief of the United Nations behind closed doors, candidates without any public involvement, resulting in a man being selected to preserve the status quo. This must change. Not only because it’s the right thing to do but because otherwise, we will never be able to solve global existential challenges. Only by having real democratic leadership can we solve climate change, fiscal injustice, and so much more. 

Two years ago, we launched a smaller-scale experiment under the brand “Forward”: in just a month of work, 7000 people voted in our global primaries, electing a former President of Ecuador that was debated by the United Nations General Assembly,  before falling into the jurisdiction of the black box of the Security Council (we don’t know if they discussed her, ignored the candidate or anything else).

Well, here we go again for 2026: are you interested in joining the effort and making this one bigger, better, and messier for the UN to ignore?! If so, volunteer and join the call! 

📍 Google Meet Call (volunteer to receive link)

🗓️ December 8th, 2023

🕰️ 6 pm UTC

Please save the date, and if you haven't done so already, become a volunteer to receive all the details!

December 08, 2023
6pm - 6:45pm