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Statement in response to Russia-chaired UNSC meeting on April 10th

Atlas denounces countries' inaction during the April 10th UNSC meeting about "Threats to international peace and security: Risks stemming from violations of the agreements regulating the export of weapons and military equipment.”

Despite Russia's clear attempt to use this meeting to discredit the Western supply of vital weapons to Ukraine, no Security Council member broke the line and attempted to boycott the meeting. The walkout that took place on April 5th, during the informal UNSC meeting that featured alleged war criminal Maria Lvova-Belova, which saw the United Kingdom, the United States, Malta, and Albania boycotting parts of the gathering, was not repeated this time around. The call for a boycott of thousands of Ukrainians and allies was ignored. As expected, Russia used the stage to falsely claim that the supply of weapons to Ukraine would fuel insurrection and instability across the planet, and in particular in Africa. No proof or data was provided to back this statement.

Here is a comment from our co-founder Andrea Venzon:

“We cannot hide our disdain for the inability of democratic countries and close allies of Ukraine to move from words to action in the most important body of the United Nations. People from all over the world are expecting more than strong-worded statements; Ukrainians fighting for their freedom are expecting concrete actions beyond diplomacy-as-usual in the face of clear aggression. The April 10th meeting was a perfect moment to bring up the heat on the Russian Federation and show how they are growing isolated on the world stage. Sadly, democratic countries missed this chance.

Atlas will continue its pressure campaign and focus its call for a boycott on the main event of the Russian presidency at the Security Council, the April 24th meeting where Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov is expected to lay out the country's vision for multilateralism and a new world order.

We thank supporters for their efforts and will continue to campaign.


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