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First digital town hall | COVID-19 and Women in power

A word on our first digital town hall from NOW!'s co-founder and co-Executive Director, Colombe:

Dear Friends,

I wanted to personally thank you for joining our first digital town hall on  "How COVID-19 proved we need more women in power in times of crisis". I hope that you enjoyed our passionate discussion with Yasmine Ouirhrane and Daouii Abouchere! 


I promised that it wasn’t planned, but both panellists made our case for a global movement and for the need to have women at the table throughout the talk: “In my generation, we never experienced something like this pandemic. The virus does not discriminate: it hits all societies, all countries. COVID-19 is a global problem, and we must solve it as one said Daouii. Yasmine continued by explaining that ”We need to make sure that when talking solutions to COVID-19 the people that are most affected have a seat at the table.

It was a great honour for me to moderate this panel that gave me a lot of food for thought, and just like 83% of you (yes we did a poll to know)  it left me more optimistic about the condition of women post Coronavirus.

Finally, as I mentioned during the panel, I like to make sure that we translate discussions and good thoughts into action. After spending an hour discussing the importance of having more women in power, I’m thus asking you to spend a few seconds to sign our petition and spread the word to achieve just that: click here.

All the best, 



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