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Virtual Town Hall | Juan Guaido: The Freedom President

This week, we met President Juan Guaido, the Interim President of Venezuela, at our Virtual Town Hall. President Guaido told us why he is hopeful about Venezuela's future, and how world leaders at the G7 must act to promote freedom and democracy.

If you have missed the event, you can watch the full event here!

As President Guaido put it, Venezuela is in a war. It's a war of systematic violation of human rights.

However democracy is not a gift, he said. Democracy is not a fashion or a fad. We need to defend democracy constantly and to protect every institution and the social fabric. To do so, we need to weave our action network to innovate and try new strategies.

"The Fight For Democracy doesn't end with democracy. The fight continues because democracy cannot be taken for granted."

President Guaido is backing NOW! to call on the G7 and democracies around the world to build this global action network - A League of Democracies - to safeguard and innovate our democracy.

Join us Unite For Freedom 👉 

Let's build a LeagueOfDemocracies to protect freedom fighters from Venezuela, Colombia to Belarus, HongKong and Myanmar!

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