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Support the UNSG Campaign

We are running for United Nations Secretary-General to ensure humanity’s survival. And we need you! You can play a fundamental role in this historic effort. You can make a difference between success and failure. And success means a future in which we not only survive but can thrive.

Endorse Our Campaign

For individuals

👉 Volunteer for this campaign | Atlas is powered by volunteers from all over the world. Our global movement is coordinating this campaign, and volunteers are organized into six major teams: Campaign, Community, Communication, Fundraising, Policy, and Tech. On top of this, we are creating national chapters for members wanting to build political parties in their countries and run for elections. There is space for any background, interest, talent, and time availability - join us!

👉 Participate in #SurvivalSundays| Every month, we organise global consultations to harness your ideas, vision, and passion to solve the most urgent threats of our times. They are both online and offline. Register for the next one, connect with our community, and make your voice heard.

👉 Donate | Atlas is fuelled by small donations from individuals just like you. We do not receive state funds or corporate money. If you can afford to help us with a few dollars, pesos, euros, yen, or anything else, please do so: it will help us print material, organise one more event, and build this daring political revolution!

For organisations, foundations & companies

👉 Endorse the campaign or become a partner | Join our political revolution, regardless of the size of your organisation! All are welcome as long as you believe in equity, freedom & well-being. Email us at [email protected] to officially endorse the campaign or to partner with us for events, political and advocacy efforts, or in another way we can imagine together!

👉 Donate to our campaign |From compensating volunteering, advertising, printing material, and organising events, we have many needs and little funding. Reach out to discuss this further at [email protected].

For other ideas of collaboration or requests, please reach out to [email protected]

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