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Response to Hong Kong Security Bureau on Atlas' Hong Kong survey

Statement in response to Hong Kong Security Bureau on recent Atlas' Survey, from the Atlas' Board of Directors

Following the launch of our survey on whether a Hong Kong Democracy Government-in-Exile could help in furthering the struggle for democracy, the Hong Kong Security Bureau commented that such actions “endanger national security” and that the authorities will enforce the extra-territorial law and pursue investigation. 

"For those criminals who endanger national security with all their heart, the SAR government will definitely investigate them in accordance with the law." The authorities continued that the National Security Law has extraterritorial effects. Anyone who violates the National Security Law must be held accountable in accordance with the law, regardless of their identity or background or where they are located.

Atlas movement is devoted to advancing freedom fights throughout the world and stands by its view that Hong Kong residents have the right to determine how and by whom they are governed. It reiterates that the draconian National Security Law violates international human rights law and standards. Democracies worldwide must stand with Hong Kong and condemn this repressive and sweeping law. It can have no enforcement mechanism outside of Hong Kong. 

The purpose of the survey is to gauge Hongkongers' attitudes toward the creation of a democratic government-in-exile, before launching such a campaign. The people of Hong Kong should decide how the government as a whole should be formed and administered.

Read more Atlas' position on the National Security Law in Hong Kong: 

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