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Virtual town hall | COVID-19 & women's rights

A word on our digital town hall from NOW!'s co-Executive Directors Colombe & NOW!'s campaign manager Laura.

Dear Friends,

We wanted to personally thank you thank you for registering for our fifth digital town hall: "The impact of COVID-19 on Women, with Hon. Esther M. Passaris." I hope that, just like us, you left the webinar more motivated to change the world than ever! We discussed ... well everything linked to COVID-19 and women’s rights.

If you missed the talk, you can view it here 

Hon. Passaris - a member of the Kenyan National Assembly - talked about challenges girls face during the pandemic in accessing sanitary products, the difficulties of putting food on the table for single mothers, and the barriers that women face in entering politics. And no, we don’t mean that they need training, but an end to all types of discrimination!

“Some of these things are so hard to talk about. It is just insane that in this day and time we still have to defend women to have the same rights.”

“When you don’t have enough women, you cannot push for issues that concern women,” said Hon. Passaris during this incredibly passionating talk, that left us more energised than ever to fight for women’s rights!

As we mentioned during the panel, we like to make sure that we translate discussions and good thoughts into action. After spending an hour discussing the importance of having more women in power, we are thus asking you to spend a few seconds to sign our petition and spread the word to achieve just that: click here.

Looking forward to continuing this adventure with you all.


Colombe and Laura

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