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Newsletter - January 22, 2021

Dear Friends,

2021 is a rollercoaster! Between riots in the heart of America's democracy and arrests in Russia, it's already clear that this year will mark history. Let's make sure that we keep it on the right track, one that will lead to a more united, fair, and equal world! No worries, we have enough passion, dedication, and positive energy for the ride to ensure that the G7 creates a League of Democracy, to launch a campaign to reduce economic inequalities, another one to give access to vaccines to all countries, and much more! Join us:


This June, the leaders of the G7 countries will meet in the UK. The summit will also see the interesting inclusion of India, Australia, and South Korea. There and then, world leaders will be able to decide to unite to protect freedom fighters abroad & innovate democracy at home. We are working very hard to get them to do so by creating the League of Democracies.

We have been protesting and mobilizing for months, as well as lobbying elected officials to bring our demand further. Thanks to all the work that activists have put in this campaign, politicians are showing interest. As a result, we have to make more noise than ever before: we actually have the power to influence world leaders and stand for democracy.

🔥 What are you waiting for? Join our weekly #FridaysForFreedom actions, and don't hesitate to get in touch with our co-founder Colombe if you have any questions ([email protected]).

🚀 Finally, this week, we are launching Global Virtual Fridays For Freedom protests to truly unite across borders for democracy, and hear from those working to protect democracy! Register here to receive the latest updates.


For the last 9 long, dark months, we had to halt our community work because of the pandemic, and solely focus on pushing forward campaigns. We however believe that for the next phase of our movement, it's time to re-activate our local communities to bring our global vision to the local level, even if only online! Hoping for a gradual return to normality, members from all over the planet have started the exciting journey of building NOW! teams able to bring change in cities and villages around the planet!

Here are some insights from the first two weeks of work:

🚀 We have already opened 15 new local community teams around the world, and onboarded and trained leaders in each: Nairobi (KE), Brussels (BE), Denver, Columbus & Tulsa (US), Frankfurt (DE), Bangalore & New Delhi (IN), Amsterdam & Delft (NL), Rome & Pavia (IT), Toronto (CA), London & Cambridge (UK)

⚡️Several of these teams have already started working on local initiatives to push forward our global vision! One of our US teams is working to make solar panels compulsory on the roof of new buildings in the city. In a city in India, a group of volunteers is preparing a campaign to tackle the rampant and outrageous issue of rapes. We cannot wait to get started and change the world with them.

🌍 We have many more teams in the pipeline! Next week's training will include leaders from Seattle and New York (US), Geneva (CH), Owerri (NG), Gaborone (BW), Maastricht & The Hague (NL), Berlin (DE), and beyond!

Do you want to get active? Become a member and sign up for the next "intro calls" on February 3rd!


If you want to hear more about our organizing model, we have great news! You can now listen to us on the Get Together podcast, a show about ordinary people building extraordinary communities. In this episode, we explained how the movement started and why people become part of it. Listen to it here.


We are delighted to welcome Zoe: NOW!'s social media manager 👋. She just started this week and has literally blown our minds, in addition to rocking our social media accounts! Here's her introduction to the community:

"Hello NOW! Global Community! My name is Zoe, the new social media manager of the team. I am excited to take this new role and work with you all! A little bit about myself - I am originally from Hong Kong. I have a background in journalism and communication in human rights groups. I've always wanted to be a cool troublemaker. Sometimes I (involuntary/deliberately) missed out on the cool part. But most of the time, I lack ideas or are too shy to act alone. Do you know that feeling? If so, feel free to hit me with your trouble-making ideas! Or together we can brainstorm some!"


To close, let us give you a little tour of the issues we want to tackle this year:

  • In February, we will launch a campaign on access to COVID-19 vaccines for ALL countries. The situation is bleak as many still don't have access, and we must act.
  • In April/May, we will start working on one of the most felt challenges in today's world: youth economic inequalities. We are preparing a campaign that will shake the world. Stay tuned!
  • In June, we will change habits with a Green Summer ahead of the COP26 meeting that will happen in November.
  • ...and to close the year, what's best than tackling the issue of multinational companies evading taxes? Watch out!

Thank you for taking the time to stay up to date with our work! In February, we will also start hosting members-only events with key global stakeholders, so register to become part of our community 🥳!


Remember, "Together, united, we cannot be defeated." 

Andrea & Colombe, for NOW!

Co-Executive Directors

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