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Newsletter - September 13th, 2021

Atlas is a member-powered movement - join us!

As we enter September, the world is not managing to shake off the rule of authoritarian and extremist dictators. After the tragic scenes coming from Afghanistan, 🇧🇷 Brazil’s Bolsonaro recently declared he will only leave power when dead. We live in crazy times.

However, there’s a light in the dark⚡. Mexico’s Supreme Court just decriminalized abortion, and a path to legalize euthanasia through a popular referendum has been opened in Italy. If two traditionally religious countries can take a step toward more freedoms for all, there’s hope. A lot of hope.

⬇️ Read this newsletter to join us in spreading hope through action worldwide.


Atlas’ Freedom Marathon will go live on September 15th, the International Day of Democracy! 

The conference will be opened by a high-level panel showcasing President Guaidò of Venezuela 🇻🇪, Ted Hui of Hong Kong 🇭🇰, Veronica Tsepkalo of Belarus ⚪🔴⚪, and Wai Wai Nu of Myanmar 🇲🇲. Then, from the 15th to the 17th, our Policy Team will organize panels and workshops to work with YOU to define the future of democracy.

In addition, we are extremely excited to host our first Atlas in-person event in London. On Saturday the 18th of September at the Tabernacle 🏰 in Notting Hill (UK), we come together to close the marathon and set Atlas’ role in the battle for democracy together. Additionally, we will feature a protest art exhibition with pieces from Hong Kong to Belarus, the screening of the renowned documentary “Dear Future Children” with live commentary from the movie Director and Amnesty’s Rajat Khosla, speeches from democracy activists such as Finn Lau and Vladimir Ashurkov and much more. 

Bottom line - REGISTER BELOW 👇👇​​👇

And oops… did we forget to mention that our amazing teams are also organizing events all over the planet to celebrate Democracy? Check out the full list of events here, and from Turin to Melbourne join us!


Last month’s rebranding brought a very distinctive feature to Atlas… we decided to run for elections 🗳️, all over the planet! We made this decision because we believe that it’s necessary to create a global, progressive front across the planet to safeguard our future, from both within governments and outside of them. We believe it’s time to propose a radically innovative way forward for our societies to maximize peoples’ well-being and ensure equitable rights and opportunities for all. We believe we must strive to reach a bold new frontier for humankind, by creating a new harmonious society where differences make us stronger 🤝 instead of dividing us.

And since we are doers, we are building it.

In the next newsletter we will unveil our first electoral participation. We can tell you that it will be for a national-level election in a G7 country, and it will happen in the next 24 months 😎.

As you can imagine this is a huge step for us, and we need all the support possible. So please...

… if you can, or simply donate HERE to help us turn this dream into a reality!


Rest assured, we have our act together. 

As you might know, this November Atlas will attend COP 26 in Glasgow (if it does not get cancelled because of its lack of inclusivity). COP26 is the UN Climate Change Conference tasked to advance the global struggle to curb climate change. In this context, we will be launching a global campaign 💚 targeting the source of 80% of global carbon emissions - fossil fuels. 

Our campaign team has worked relentlessly to ensure that legislative tools, such as a referendum and parliamentary petitions,will be triggered in a few key countries to ensure a very concrete impact on our future.  If you are interested in the topic and wanna help ahead of the launch, please reply to this email and we will onboard you!


👉 Do you want to become a member? Follow this link to subscribe! 

👉 Are you a NOW! member transitioning to Atlas? Check out our members-only area to get up to speed with our work (if you do not know how to log in, input your email address and press "forgot my password" to receive it again) 

👉 Do you want to volunteer and access our internal forum? Log into the members' area and book a slot for our onboarding calls here!

👉 Do you want to donate to support us? Here is the right page for you!


👋 Doha, tell us about you! Hello, my name is Doha Ayad from Tunisia. I was born and raised in the city of Menzel Bourguiba from the state of Bizerte, believing that we are all equal regardless of color, gender, religion, race, belief, and that in our differences we coexist and together we are able to overcome injustice with a voice of truth. 

💬 Why did you decide to jump onboard? I joined Atlas in the belief that in our unity we are able to change this world for the better. We can make it better than it is today.

Thank you for following our work and being part of this revolution. We will push until the world is a better place: we hope you'll be part of this journey!


Andrea Venzon & Colombe Cahen-Salvador

On behalf of the Atlas team


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