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National Day of the People's Republic of China Protest

On October 1st, 2020, NOW! organized a protest during the National Day of the People's Republic of China, in front of the Embassy of China in London.

Tibet. Xinjiang. Hong Kong. And the list goes on. China has been cracking down with an iron fist on any kind of dissent both in mainland China and outside. This has to stop! October 1st is the national day of the People's Republic of China: there is no better time to make our voice heard and ensure that democracies act meaningfully.
That is why NOW! organized a protest to stand up and raise our voice against China's brutality on Hong Kongers, on Uyghurs and on anyone who shows dissent. More than a hundred people participated, in front of the Embassy of China in London, and the event featured interventions by NOW! organisers, Liberal Democrat Councillor Rabina Khan from Tower Hamlet, and Elmer Yuen ( a Hong Kong businessman who is pushing to designate the Chinese Communist Party as a criminal organization). During the protest, the NOW! organisers also read a statement of support by Baroness Natalie Bennett.  
"A threat to democracy in Hong Kong, is a threat for democracies everywhere," said Laura Giani, Campaign Manager of NOW! "People of the world are standing up for Kong Hong, for Tibet, for the Uyghurs community in Xinjiang, for Taiwan. We want democracies to protect freedoms and rights. We will continue to fight every day until democracy is safe."

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