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Charlotte is Now!'s the local team leader in Brussels, Belgium. She ran a total of 30km in a week to support Now!'s #RunForFreedom fundraising action. She also finished her first 10km run. We asked her how did it happen.

Why did you take part in #RunForFreeom?

I stand for democracy and support freedom fighters to help build a world where fundamental rights and freedoms are guaranteed to everyone.

Are you a frequent runner?

I used to hate running and I never believed I would be a frequent runner.

So how did you pick up running?

In January 2021, after almost a year of pandemic, I felt like my body needed to move and be outside - so I put on running shoes and went running. I was also inspired by my dear friend Annita, who runs very consistently and told me how amazing it is for her body and her mind. She helped holding me accountable so I kept going! I now run 3 times a week, in the morning (so I don’t have to think about it, I just put my shoes on and go).

How did your first 10k happen? Did you plan for it?

I actually didn’t plan for 10k, I’ve been trying to add up kms but on Saturday I’d planned to do 9, and I just had it in me to keep going for one more 😁 when I run, there’s always a moment when I feel like I have to push my body against its will, but I keep going because I know how good it will feel at the end. It just keeps me sane, makes me feel stronger and proud of myself 💪🏻

Challenge yourself! 
Join #RunForFreedom

Just like Charlotte needs a friend to "hold her accountable" to keep running, we also need a mechanism to hold governments accountable for democratic backsliding, and ultimately, to innovate democracy, to set a bold vision for its future. 

We need democracies to Work as one to safeguard our freedoms and democracies. 

NOW! has been working for months to create a League of Democracies: a coalition of major democracies working together to support freedom fighters, and hold governments accountable for democratic backsliding. 

Support our campaign 
help us push the G7 to create this League of Democracies.

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