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Green December - Closing Statement

January 1st marked the end of our Green December campaign. In 2020 very little was done to solve climate change and world leaders failed to act on this topic. As a result, temperatures continued to rise, ice to melt, sea levels to go up. The climate crisis cannot wait any longer, our planet and our existence is under threat! 

That’s why we launched a month-long snap campaign that has now come to an end, to take coordinated individual actions to counter the climate crisis and give hope to millions. Every day, we unveiled a new action that tackled different aspects of climate change: from food consumption to carbon emissions, people across the world could have a positive impact on our planet. 

Within the space of a month, we had over six hundred new people signing up for Green December with actions taking place in over 40 countries, we worked with three teams of around thirty volunteers who helped us with every aspect of Green December, our co-founders Andrea and Colombe wrote an article for The Independent mentioning Green December, we got almost a thousand new signatures to our Global Climate Emergency Petition, and we partnered up with 9 organisations and businesses and 10 influencers. They said it loudly with their actions: we want a #GreenDecember to save our planet!

While this snap campaign is now ending, we will continue to:

  1. Work across borders to ensure that world leaders acknowledge the current global climate emergency we are living in; 
  2. Demand more actions at the global level to stop global warming;
  3. Condemn nationalistic approaches to global crises: only together can we solve existential challenges!

Let’s continue to work not only for a #GreenDecember, but a #GreenWorld!

Thank you, 

The NOW! Team 

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