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Fridays For Freedom - July 10th 2020

On July 10th, 2020, the second "Friday for Freedom" action organized by NOW! members took place across the world. By protesting in front of Chinese Embassies (or in their home when COVID-19 restrictions were in place), they stated loudly and clearly that major democracies need to work together to safeguard Hong Kong’s freedoms and civil rights.

From Honduras to Denmark, from Canada to the Philippines, from Uganda to Hong Kong, activists from all over the world refused to stay silent.

Considering China's National Security Law's implementation in Hong Kong, today's raid of the Public Opinion Research Institute (PORI) office in Wong Chuk Hang (the polling organization that is a co-organizer of this weekend’s primary legislative election for the pro-democracy camp), and hundreds of arrests of pro-democracy activists, it is fundamental for the world to unite and protect Hongkongers.

"Hong Kong is the battle of a generation, the heartbreak of a people, and the symbol of democracy. What's happening in Hong Kong concerns humanity as a whole. We must ensure that democracies across the world ally and take action to counter China's crackdown on rights and democracy. The future of the world is at stake." said NOW!'s co-Executive Directors, Colombe Cahen-Salvador and Andrea Venzon.

Today's 'Friday For Freedom' actions follow last week's launch of #FridaysForFreedom, a coordinated protest that reached half a million people online on its first day. With bigger protests organized for the 17th of July, NOW! is working to create awareness around the worrying situation in Hong Kong.

Together with increasing awareness among the public, NOW! strives to push forward its campaign working for the creation of an international coalition of major democracies (the D-10) to coordinate responses and implement measures - such as economic sanctions - to safeguard Hong Kong’s freedoms and democracy.


For recent updates on the protests and actions, follow our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). For questions or requests, please email [email protected].


To participate in #FridaysForFreedom, click here

Find below a few pictures from today's action. 




Hong Kong




Costa Rica



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