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Fridays For Freedom - 4th September

On September 4th, 2020, the ninth NOW! "Fridays for Freedom" protests took place across the worldBy standing in front of Chinese Embassies, activists stated loudly and clearly that major democracies need to work together to safeguard Hong Kong’s freedoms and rights.

From Tokyo to San Francisco, from London to Brisbane, thousands of activists from all over the world refused to stay silent whilst Hongkongers are still fighting for their freedom.

To ensure that the world is not forgetting about Hong Kong, more than a million people have followed online the #FridaysForFreedom action organized by NOW!, and actions are taking place in tens of cities. Even though the focus of the demonstrations has been to ensure the preservation of rights and freedoms in Hong Kong, activists are also shedding a light to the worrying developments for the Uyghurs minority in China, as well as the long-standing occupation of Tibet. Advocating for an international coalition to counter China's aggressivity on Hong Kong and related issues, NOW!'s members intend to carry on Fridays For Freedom protest well into the year.

Today's 'Friday For Freedom' actions are part of a broader campaign, the “Wave of Freedom”, which NOW! has launched to push forward for the creation of an international coalition of major democracies (the D-10) to coordinate responses and implement measures - such as economic sanctions - to safeguard freedoms and democracy, including in Hong Kong. 

Demonstrations are currently ongoing, and this statement will be progressively updated with material from the protests.



For questions or requests, please email [email protected]


To participate in #FridaysForFreedom, click here

Find below a few pictures from today's action (protests are still unfolding, we will keep on updating our social media platforms with the latest pictures)

London (United Kingdom)

Tokyo (Japan)

San Francisco (USA)

Seattle (USA)

Dusseldorf (Germany)

Berlin (Germany)

Frankfurt (Germany)

Furtwangen (Germany)

Copenhagen (Denmark)

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