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Forward officially asks the UNGA and UNSC to wait for global primaries | Press Release

Forward officially informs the UN about its people-backed Secretary-General selection process and asks the UNGA and UNSC to not confirm another candidate before mid-May.

Read the Press Release by Forward, the first global, progressive political movement running primaries to find a non-male people-backed candidate to run for Secretary-General this year.


Forward, a global ground-breaking political movement, has launched open and digital primaries to identify the next non-male and progressive United Nations  Secretary-General.

On April 19th, Forward notified with a letter the UN General Assembly and UN Security Council about the intention to present, for their consideration, a candidate for the post of Secretary-General by mid-May. It is necessary that the proceedings for the selection within the UN are held on a transparent and fair basis for all candidates and that they do not start prior to the Forward candidate election.

The movement asked the General Assembly and the Security Council of the United Nations not to initiate the procedures for the selection of the Secretary-General before the conclusion of the Forward process in mid-May.

As stressed by Andrea Venzon and Colombe Cahen-Salvador, Forward’s co-founders, in the letter: “Ensuring the participation of a wider group of diverse candidates in the SG selection process will be a great service to the People of this planet, whom the United Nations has pledged to serve.” The letter was emailed to the publicly available address of the President of the General Assembly and the Secretariat of the Security Council.

A few hours after the sending, the letter remains unanswered.

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