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The Equitist🎙Ep 3 | Have fun with fundamental rights

This is episode 3 of the Equitist: have fun with fundamental rights! Due to the current crackdown on LGBT+ rights, from Florida to Guatemala, we decided to focus this episode on how a more equitable world needs to not only protect trans rights, but go above and beyond. 

For this, we won't only tell you about the state of trans rights in democratic and non-democratic countries, but also bring in a special guest that our community asked to have on the show already many times. 👏 Jade Esseyah is a Tunisian transgender activist now living as a refugee in Brazil, who will tell us about his journey and how most countries need to go beyond basic protection.




Key topics:

Rights & Equity [0.43] 

LGBT+ Rights [1.35]

Trans Rights [3.28]

Interview of Jade Esseyah, trans rights activist [7.08]

  • Being transgender in Tunisia [8]
  • Transitioning [11.57]
  • Leaving Tunisia for Brazil [20.09]

Looking beyond Brazil [29]

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