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Newsletter - Dec 5th, 2020

Dear Friends,

It’s almost the end of the year, and we are more hopeful than ever for a better future. While the images of opposition figures in Hong Kong being imprisoned and reports of abuse by Belarusian forces have emerged and are infuriating, we have hope that by uniting people across borders, by showing the world that we can work as one and overcome differences, we can change the tide!

Think about it, we launched NOW! less than a year ago, but already got the World Health Organization to support our fair access to vaccines campaign, managed to have 10,000 people join us in the midst of a pandemic, and thousands are now taking daily actions to show world leaders that we can stop the climate crisis by working together!  Finally, the heroic actions of NOW!’s protesters during Fridays For Freedom have inspired millions to keep the flame of hope alive, even in the direst situations.

Join our global and hopeful community: together, united, we cannot be defeated!


The focus of our Wave of Freedom campaign is to support freedom struggles around the world, starting from issues such as the erosion of democracy in Hong Kong and in other countries alike. We demand that world leaders unite and stand with those fighting for democracy on the frontline, by creating an international coalition to protect and innovate democracy, that we call the “League of Democracies".

We are now stepping up our lobbying work: as a first milestone, we are targeting the UK-hosted G7 meeting in August 2021 to propose a motion to advance such an international coalition. Work is already underway with several members of Parliaments in G7 countries and officials around the world to make this happen, including in Italy where this has been mentioned in Parliament. 

We will also host a Virtual Town Hall with Stewart McDonald, a British Member of Parliament, on the threat posed by authoritarianism to freedom of expression on December 9th. Register here!


The first week of Green December is almost over! Hundreds of activists took action during the first week of Green December, with people standing in front of government buildings in almost forty countries. Our participants are performing the individual actions every day across borders, from Canada to Chile, from the UK to Libya, from South Africa to Turkey, from Denmark to Burundi, and from the Philippines to New Zealand. And our climate work did not go unnoticedcheck out this oped we published in the Independent on the need for the new US Administration to prioritize global cooperation, where Green December is mentioned!

Dozens of volunteers are continuing to work on Green December, by creating content, engaging with influencers, and creating partnerships. Thanks to our volunteers, Green December is officially supported by many organisations and businesses, including Ocean Unite, Earth Uprising, The Happy Broadcast, and Rockay. What are you waiting for to join?

Remember: together, united, we cannot be defeated!

All the best,

Andrea & Colombe, for NOW!

Co-Executive Directors

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