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We made it, thank you for supporting our crowdfunder for democracy!

Happy Fridays For Freedom! I hope that you are doing well and staying safe.

At NOW!, we wanted to thank you for participating in our crowdfunding effort. Thanks to your generous support, we've overachieved our crowdfunding goal and raised $26,683! This is huge - we still can’t believe it!

Thanks to many people like you, we will be able to:

  • Keep on pushing all major democracies to unite and form a League of Democracies to protect rights and freedom fighters, hold one another accountable and share best practices to innovate democracy,
  • Support our members across the world that are organizing protests, 
  • Rump up our advocacy work, 
  • Host international hackathons for democracy, 
  • Put pressure on elected officials,
  • Continue to keep the machine running! 

Yes, we have a lot of work ahead. But you just made it a little easier for us to keep on pushing for democracy and freedoms. We promise to give it all we have.

Thank you once more, we will keep you updated on our work and progress as we go ahead. And remember, together united, we cannot be defeated! 


The NOW! team

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