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Brut - All I want for Christmas is...

This interview with our co-founder Colombe Cahen-Salvador was originally published on Brut America in December 2021. Brut America put together a compilation video on the theme "All I want for Christmas is...." in which they asked thought leaders to share the causes they most want to see improved in 2022. 

During this interview, Colombe told Brut that all she wants for Christmas is... an equitable world, one where people, communities and the planet’s wellbeing are at the center of our priorities.
Check out the video to see what it means for:
💉 access to COVID-19 vaccines
🌏 climate policies
❌ an end to growing inequalities.

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Press Release | Atlas to become a Global Party

July 26, 2022

Atlas, the global grassroots movement counting more than 22,000 members across 130 countries, has gathered in Geneva on July 15-17 to deliberate on its way forward. After two years of advocacy work on topics such as climate, democracy, and vaccine access, the members have...

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Newsletter - July 25th, 2022

July 25, 2022

Deutsch | 廣東話 | Español | Français | Italiano | Kiswahili | Português | عربى As you might be aware, last weekend the Atlas Assembly gathered in Geneva to discuss the future of the organization. In this email, you will find a recap of the work of our...

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