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Atlas Members | Join us tomorrow for a tale about activism in Nepal!

What a week. Between the Chinese Communist Party’s 20th Congress, the refusal of South Africa to seize a Russian oligarch’s sanctioned boat, a new report showcasing how profoundly climate change impacts our health, we are all in a bit over our heads… But fear not, we come with hope!


1. Join us tomorrow to be inspired by an individual story & talk

📅  Thursday, October 27, 2022

4 pm UK time / 5 pm CEST / 6 pm Nairobi / 8:45 pm Nepal / 11 am NYC


Join us to hear Atlas member Sita Ram Bhatta about his personal journey as a citizen of Nepal 🇳🇵.  He will describe his work as an activist and explain how he became interested in joining Atlas. He is an expert on the rich history of Nepal and the challenges the country has faced - past, present, and future - both politically and geographically.     

2. Build the future of the world with us!

At Atlas, our teams of volunteers are focusing on finding systemic solutions to global issues. It is no small task, but two years into the work, we are more convinced than ever that a global governance that is democratic is the solution! By uniting, by working together, we, the people, will ensure that humanity thrives. 

For this, we have (of course) a 5-year plan: 

  1. We will run consultations to crowdsource what a global governance system should look like, learning from the local level all over the world and including all people. You can find out more about it here & help out!
  2. Run a stunt political campaign to become Chief of the united nations and bring forward the vision adopted during the consultations 
  3. If refused, launch this global governance system ourselves! 

Ambitious? Yes! Needed? Absolutely.

3. But first, let’s create a global consciousness!

For any of it to work, we need to get our ideas more well-known. We need to create a global consciousness by showing that a lot of issues we face are actually global, that they cannot be solved in isolation, and that uniting is the solution! And for this, we are trying out different concepts.🥁

Every day, Andrea and Colombe will: 

1️⃣  Go live on Twitch to talk about the news with the Atlas community, brainstorm on best practices to solve global issues & find a way forward. You can find our channel here (we are brand new at this, so any tips would be super useful)

2️⃣ Post a 10 min YouTube video that’s a deep-dive into a specific topic, why it’s globally relevant, and why we need to unite for it! You can subscribe to the channel here, and find the first videos: 

📽️  “United Nations Day: let’s get real!

📽️  “The Emperor is Naked | The Chinese Community Party 20th Congress” 

📽️ “South Africa's refusal to sanction Putin's ally

3️⃣ Post teasers on social media. You can find here our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & TikTok

Throughout it all, we analyze bad situations and show there is hope in unity! Send us your ideas, tips, and feedback, and don’t forget that sharing is caring!

Andrea & Colombe 


Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn Instagram

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