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Legal entity

Atlas Movement Ltd is a limited company incorporated in  England & Wales. Atlas is in the process of finalizing the creation of its charitable branch. Its Directors and sole shareholders are Colombe Cahen-Salvador and Andrea Venzon. For any inquiry, please reach out via email at info[at]

Funding & donation policy

Atlas is committed to achieving financial independence via its membership model. The organization relies on members’ contribution for most of its current funding and accepts donations and/or grants only from philanthropic institutions and individuals who strictly adhere to the values listed in Atlas' founding manifesto.

Atlas' donation policy is available at this linkConsidering Atlas’ operations in non-democratic countries to support freedom struggles, Atlas cannot disclose the full list of its donors. 

Annual accounts

Please find below the list of annual accounts as filed with Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs. Atlas Movement Ltd’s fiscal year ends in March.

📌 2021 (available by end of 2022) | Filed with the support of the Green Accountancy Ltd 

Annual budget

Please find below the list of budgets for Atlas Movement Ltd. All expenses are estimates.

📌 2021


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