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Republic Earth Music Festival

The Atlas Movement believes that the power of music can help create a global democracy and build a global society in the 21st century. Australia holds one of the great democratic music festivals—the Triple J’s Hottest 100—where Australians vote for their favourite 10 songs for the year, and the votes are then tallied up to form the Hottest 100 songs that are played each year on Triple J Radio. Let's take this idea that has become increasingly popular and make it go global: people all around the world can now vote for their favourite songs via a brand-new multicultural Republic Earth Music Festival in the lead-up to New Year’s Eve each year.

Vote for your favourite songs

How? During December people all around the world are invited to vote online for their favourite song or favourite top 10 songs from 2022 to form part of a Global Democracy Project & the 2022 Republic Earth Music Festival. VOTE NOW – and voting closes on NYE (31 December 2022).

The 2022 Republic Earth Music Festival will also embrace equitism and showcase via a Youtube Playlist 36 popular songs from around the world for Global Citizens to enjoy in the lead-up to NYE. Check out the playlist here or on Spotify at here.

Why? While Eurovision helps to bring Europe together in May each year and the Global Citizen Concert brings the world together in September each year, we believe the Republic Earth Music Festival can play a role in bringing the whole world together for the common good on NYE. VOTE NOW – and voting closes on NYE (31 December 2022).

REPUBLIC EARTH MUSIC FESTIVAL IDEA BY: Daniel White (Atlas Australia Team Leader)