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Volunteer | Press Relations Leader

📝 Role: The Atlas Press Relations Leader is the person in charge of ensuring that the movement message, activities, and achievements are picked up in the media around the world. As such, the Press Relations Leader is responsible for entertaining relationships with journalists and other media professionals and works to highlight the movement work in the news. In practice, The Atlas Press Relations Leader (and their team) oversees the following work-streams:

  • Maintain and expand the DB of journalists
  • Develop press material and relationships with media professionals 
  • Support media efforts in Atlas national groups

The Press Relations Team is part of the Atlas Communication Team. Additional tasks might be added as the team develops. 

🧐 Qualifications: 

  • Interest and/or background in the media space
  • Ability or willingness to learn how to develop press materials
  • Experience as part of a team and as a team leader
  • Fluent mastery of the English language 

💥 Activities:

  • Coordinate closely with the Communication Leader and other leaders in the Communication Team
  • Manage and involve volunteers in the Press Relations Team
  • Support national groups in developing Press Relations Teams

⏳ Time Availability:

  • A minimum of 5hrs/week for the coming 6 months

💰 Compensation: 

  • This is a volunteering position, so no compensation is foreseen. However, certificates of participation, recommendations letters, and cool gadgets may be provided upon request!

📩 How to apply?

The Atlas Movement is an equal opportunity employer and takes particular care in ensuring diversity and inclusion in both full-time and volunteer positions. As such, Atlas strives to ensure a mix of nationalities, genders, and social & cultural backgrounds in its leadership positions and full-time team.

If you want to apply for any of the opportunities below, please email us at [email protected] with a brief presentation of your profile and a convincing explanation of why you are the right person for the job (or just why you would like to help 😃)!

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