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Nairobi Consultations | The Power of Voting 🗳️

Event details:

📍 Radisson Blue Hotel Upper Hill, Nairobi or 🎥 online, via Zoom

🗓️ April 30th, 2023

🕰️ 1.30 pm - 6 pm

🎫 This is a FREE event

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✊ What?  

This citizen-driven event will be focused on crowdsourcing innovative proposals on topics such as: what are the issues with voting in Kenya and across the world, what are the best practices the rest of the planet should hear about, and what solutions they wish to be brought forward for the sake of democracy. The session will be opened with thought-provoking remarks by prestigious speakers,

Together, participants will formulate concrete, detailed policy solutions to issues linked to voting that will be presented at the 2023 Athens Democracy Forum.

Speakers for the panel discussion: 

📝 Format:

The event will start with a panel discussion, followed by focus groups to 1) Identify issues with today's democracy, primarily focusing on the "power of voting"; 2) Prioritize the topics to be discussed; 3) come up with concrete solutions that can make Kenya and other democracies better and stronger. The event is set to last 5 hours, with a lunch break and coffee breaks. We will offer participation via Zoom as well, for those that cannot make it to the Radisson Hotel.

🧐 Why?

It is fundamental to find concrete ways to make democracy more resilient across the world. For this, the Democracy & Culture Foundation has launched the Building Blocks of Democracy, an ambitious project to come up with concrete policy proposals around five key areas of democracy: people, parties-money & influence, voting, information & disinformation, and the balance between legislative and executive power.

This event is one of the five people-driven consultations that the DCF will be running this year across the planet after having interrogated experts on these topics in 2022.

👯 Who? 

This event is open to all! It's co-organized by Atlas and the Democracy & Culture Foundation


If you have questions or want to partner, please email us at [email protected]

April 30, 2023
1:30pm - 6pm
Nairobi Consultations
Radisson Hotel (Upper Hill)
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Joseph Mutunga Floran Kajuju Gloria Elizabeth Rose Wambari Jeniffer Muthuma Michael Adiado Peter Ongera Dhoha Ayed Vincent Otieno Christopher Arunga Leilla Abdalla Maximilla Wafula Jane Kibati Priscah Kioko Mary Ger Alvin Kireru Lucy Kinuthia Sheryl Christine Adhiambo David Dimo Joseph Arthur Achieng Cosmas Ondino Mirriam Nafula Flevia Vivian Lilian Kiboi Gideon Wafula Samuel Irungu Rogers Otieno Ken Luther Fidel Mboya Johnson Mboya Matindi Benson Tobias Orao Ian Amukowa Elisha Daniel Faith Juma Casper Kings Victor Njuguna Elizabeth Wambui Clive Donnley Colombe Cahen-Salvador

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