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Community Chat | The Dark Side of Swiss Democracy

Community chats: Every week, we host community chats for Atlas members, hosted by volunteers from the community. These chats are online discussions in which the host presents a topic of global relevance and discusses it with others. It can also be a way of raising awareness about significant events.

💬  Atlas Community Chat | Wednesday, June 15, 2022

6 pm UK time, 7 pm CEST, 8 pm Nairobi, 1 pm NYC

Exactly one month prior to the Atlas General Assembly in Geneva Switzerland on July 15th, join us on Wednesday, June 15th to explore the "Dark Side of Swiss Democracy." 


Our expert host Alexandre Chevalier will provide facts that may surprise us as we discover that between lobbies and lack of participation, all does not run as perfectly as a Swiss watch!  Be ready to listen, learn, and discuss what promises to be an eye-opening presentation from Alexandre!


Don't miss the opportunity to learn and interact with fellow Atlas members!   The first step to change the world is to be informed!  

If you are not currently a member of Atlas Movement, see below to sign up in order to attend our members-only Community Chats.
Format: Community chats last one hour, are hosted by one member on workplace (our internal forum). They are structured as follow:
1) introduction by members attending,
2) 20-30 min presentation of topic at hand
3) Q&A and general discussion
Become our member and join the conversation!
June 15, 2022
6pm - 7pm

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