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Community Chat | Guided Meditation: Bringing Deeper Insight into our Conversations

Community chats: Every week, we host community chats for Atlas members, hosted by one volunteer from the community. These chats are online discussions in which the host presents a topic of global relevance and discusses it with others. It can also be a way of raising awareness about significant events.

💬  Guided Meditation: Bringing Deeper Insight into our Conversations

Don't miss the next Atlas Community Chat: Thursday, February 17, 3 pm UK, 4 pm CET, 10 am NYC

We are fortunate to welcome Kerry Woodward as our host for this week's Chat.  He will not only discuss the benefits of meditation but will walk us through a guided meditation together.
Kerry's insight promises to enhance the ways we interact and problem solve as Atlas members.  See you there!
Format: Community chats last one hour, are hosted by one member on workplace (our internal forum). They are structured as follow:
1) introduction by members attending,
2) 20-30 min presentation of topic at hand
3) Q&A and general discussion
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February 17, 2022
3pm - 4pm

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