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Community Chat | Economic Equity: Why Do We Accept a System That Works for the Few - And Not for the Many?

Community chats: Every week, we host community chats for Atlas members, hosted by one volunteer from the community. Those chats are online discussions in which the host gets to present a topic of global relevance and discuss it with others. It can also be a way of raising awareness about significant events.

💬 Economic Equity: Why do we accept a system that works for the few - and not for the many?

As part of the Equitist work within the Atlas movement, Andrea Venzon and Colombe Cahen-Salvador will provide a short overview of today's mounting perceived economic injustices, from individual circumstances to multinationals not paying their taxes where they operate.
Then for the exciting part, when Andrea and Colombe will dive into how the economy MUST work in an equitist world!
Join us to learn how Atlas will bring equity to the economic system so that it works for the many, not only the few....instead of the other way around as it does today.
Format: Community chats last one hour, are hosted by one member on workplace (our internal forum). They are structured as follow:
1) introduction by members attending,
2) 20-30 min presentation of topic at hand
3) Q&A and general discussion
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January 13, 2022
2pm - 3pm

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