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Community Chat | Let's talk about Marital Rape in India

Community chats: every Week, we host community chats for Atlas members, hosted by one volunteer from the community. Those chats are online discussions in which the host gets to present a topic of global relevance and discuss it with others. It can also be a way of raising awareness about significant events.

💬“Let's talk about Marital Rape in India”: Join us on September 30 (Thurs) at 4:00 pm UK time/ 8:30 pm IST/ 11 am Eastern time NYC and hear from Atlas India's team leaders Muskaan Goyal & Bharat Saini! 

What is Marital rape and why it's important to talk about it?

Marital or spousal rape is a form of domestic and sexual violence against one's spouse. In other words, sexual intercourse by a man with his wife, without consent or against her will. Trauma and PTSD are a few common relative effects of marital rape on a victim.

Sexual intercourse within marriage is often regarded as the right of the spouse. Engaging in an activity without the spouse's consent is not classified as rape by Indian Legislation. Moreover, it is explicitly excluded from the penal law. In the current stance of marital rape, courts continue to differ in views.

Criminalising marital rape in India is a complex and long battle as the misuse of law once criminalised and the need for evidence to prove, as well as various other factors such as a patriarchal system, religious beliefs, socio-economic, and cultural factors, influence the current justice system. Therefore, we need to follow a sensible yet effective approach which also garners the interest of the youth.

Format: Community chats last one hour, are hosted by one member on workplace (our internal forum). They are structured as follow:
1) introduction by members attending,
2) 20 min presentation of topic at hand
3) Q&A and general discussion
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September 30, 2021
4pm - 5pm

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