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WHO 🏥 Elections & Reform

We are gearing up for the launch of this campaign, and need you 🔛 !  If you are interested in helping us:


🦠 The Covid-19 pandemic has been bringing the world to its knees for the last year and a half.  Countries fought over personal protective equipment, hoarded vaccine doses 💉, and failed to showcase solidarity to get out of the pandemic. 

Besides this short-sighted national approach, the World Health Organization 🏥 has failed to declare on time and lead a proper global response from the beginning, partly because of a lack of competencies, resulting in a lack of trust in the institution

This must change. We must give the WHO the tools to adequately deal with global health crises and a trusted leader backed by the people

As such, Atlas will launch both:

🗳️ an electoral campaign to get a people-backed candidate at the head of one of the most important organizations in the world, and

an activism campaign aimed at pushing the next WHO leader to champion more competencies. 

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