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Virtual Town Hall | Racism is not just an ‘American problem’, a talk with Fatima Zaman.

A word on our digital town hall from NOW!'s campaign manager, Laura! 

Dear Friends,

I wanted to personally thank you for registering for our virtual town hall on
Racism is not just an ‘American problem’, a talk with Fatima Zaman.

We discussed the outcry for racial justice that is crossing the world after George Floyd’s murder, and how racial justice and racisms overall are not only an “American problem”. We touched upon many individual actions that each and everyone of us should do on a daily basis to stand up to racism.

If you have missed the event, you can rewatch it here!

In such times, while countries are turning their back towards racial injustice and racist police violence, Fatima reminded us that “it is not enough to demonstrate our wokeness by tweeting and then going back to our everyday lives. This is not just a black problem. Racism is prevalent in our schools, history books, workplaces, in our home. We must make it our issue.” I couldn’t agree more! 

As a global movement, NOW! is present in more than 90 countries: in none of them, racism has been eradicated. We commit to disrupt, disobey and stand up until racial justice is finally achieved!

Join us and become a member today, be part of the change! 

I am looking forward to continuing this adventure with you all.

Thank you,

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