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Veto Genocide, Not Palestine! 🍉

The US must withdraw its veto & accept that Palestine joins the United Nations. While Palestine becoming a member state will not end the ongoing genocide, stop the invasions or dismantle the occupation or apartheid, it is a step toward fairness and justice. 

In May 2024, the UN General Assembly voted to Support Palestine's bid to join the organisation, and urged the Security Council to admit Palestine as a member of the UN. 143 countries stood on the right side of history. However, for Palestine to be admitted to the United Nations, it must go through the UN Security Council, and just one country is blocking this from becoming a reality. The United States. In April, Biden's administration vetoed Palestine’s bid to become a member.

There is no way we can achieve peace and security without justice and fairness. Fairness demands that Palestine has an equal seat at the table. Justice demands that Palestine has equal decision-making power. And Peace and Security demand inclusion. 

Sign this petition, and you will receive an email with a text to send to the decision-makers blocking Palestine’s accession to the UN, and all our upcoming actions. We want the US veto to be withdrawn by the next General Assembly: September 2024!

We are also organising an arts contest to support this campaign and will organise actions and shed light on it. If you want to partner, submit a piece or have ideas, reach out to [email protected]

Will you sign?

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