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Virtual town hall | Climate justice, but with Social justice!

On November 30, 2021, we hosted a virtual town hall on the intersection of climate change and social justice.

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Virtual town hall | How to solve the climate crisis: let’s look at the bright side

On November 10th, 2021, we hosted a virtual town hall on how sustainable frontrunners can make their performance the norm for the rest! 

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A 12-hour whirlwind trip to #COP26 🌎 Glasgow 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

This week, our co-founder Colombe and Andrea went to COP26 in Glasgow to launch Atlas' campaign #BanFossilFuelsSubsidies! Follow their 12-hour whirlwind trip from Edinburgh to Glasgow and meet activists, politicians from Kenya to Australia!

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Member Voices | The warrior within me will continue to ...

Introducing the story of Mohamed Aboelazm, as he shares his calling to speak up for others, from the abolition of the death penalty, prisoners' rights, to international law.


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Member Voices | Reflection on the National Day of Spain

October 12 is the National Day of Spain, “Día de la Hispanidad”, literally translated as the “Hispanic Heritage Day”. It is a day to celebrate the Spanish legacy, the “hispanicity”, to the world especially in the Americas. But what are we celebrating?

This year, as we rectified “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous people day” and honors indigenous people's histories and cultures, we hear Omar’s reflection on his Spanish identity on the National Day of Spain.

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Marital Rape in India - You are a wife before you are a women

On September 30, we hosted a community chat with Bharat Saini and Muskaan Goyal, team leaders of Atlas India, and we touched on a taboo subject in India, marital rape.

We all know that the act of rape is and should be a punishable crime. But when it happens between a man and woman who are married to each other, did you know that in some countries this type of rape, “marital rape,” is not against the law?

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Member Voices | What happened in Thailand's Thammasat Massacre

October 6, 1976, was a dark day in Thailand's history. Peaceful protesters fighting for democracy were lynched and shot dead by the Thai state forces. The protest happened at a time when Thailand was experiencing a democratic transition from absolute monarchy to democracy.

The change was not smooth at all. Here are some key facts you need to know about Thammasat Massacre, brought to you by our member Peerada from Thailand.

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Member Voices | I am determined

Introducing the story of Sara Zingaretti, as she shares her history and the talents and passion she brings to Atlas.


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Member Voices | COVID-19 can't dampen my enthusiasm

Presenting the story of Muhammed Rey Dwi Pangestu and some background that led him to join Atlas.

He is from Jakarta, Indonesia and dedicates his life to improving the quality of life and rights of others.

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Member Voices | I'm not a likely activist yet here I am.

Here is Linda's story of why she joined Atlas after her retirement.

Linda is the leader at Atlas' editorial team and the USA team.

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