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Our Planet 🌍

There are certain global trends threatening the very core of our planet, our societies, and our humanity that can only be dealt with if humankind unites forces to coordinate an adequate response. The Climate Crisis is only one of the examples of the need for urgent cooperation: the inability to address humanely and effectively migration flows in a human and decent way, the uncoordinated and unconstrained exploitation of natural resources, and the risk of global epidemics are all matters bigger than any nation-state and only manageable through concerted actions.

Atlas’s progressive solutions will ensure that all humans have access to a safe haven, that our planet survives and thrives, that we can adequately deal with pandemics. Atlas will work for the core of our humanity to remain intact: we are all in this together, we could all be subject to persecution and have to flee, touched by a viral disease, and climate change will impact us all. It’s time to act as such.