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NATO 🛡️ Secretary-General Election


In 2022, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will elect its next Secretary-General 🗳: the organization’s purpose is to guarantee the freedom and security of its 30 member states. Its leader thus has a fundamental role in advancing freedom and democratic values.

However, past Secretaries-General have been chosen in the most untransparent way possible, and (un)surprisingly, citizens never had a voice. In addition, in its 72 years of existence, NATO has never had a female leader 🛡️.

This must change: how can NATO have credibility in promoting democratic values without applying them to itself? How can NATO do its much-needed job of working for freedom without the credibility that comes from transparency? 

That’s why we will contest this selection process and bring forward a female, people-backed candidate to become the next NATO leader. 🚀 

For this, we need you! We are building up teams to shape this campaign and kick it off at the end of 2021: 

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