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Episode 1 | Is it time for a new utopia?

February 14, 2022

Welcome to episode 1 of The Equitist: the podcast that will try to understand with you what a more equitable world can look like, one that is based on freedom and on fairness. We'll also seek to understand how we can potentially and possibly...

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Newsletter - January 31st, 2022

January 31, 2022

If January shows us how the year 2022 will be, well, it’s undoubtedly a challenging one! Things have been rumbling in the last few days: war is casting a shadow over Europe, with Putin’s Russia increasing its unilateral threat against Ukraine. In the meantime,...

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Community Chat - Democracy in Belarus: Good news in 2022?

January 17, 2022

Dictatorship year after year - Belarus When a dictator rises to power and strips all freedoms from their people, how do you keep hope alive? How do you make sure that people living under a dictatorship year after year even remember and understand the...

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Brut - All I want for Christmas is...

December 24, 2021

This interview with our co-founder Colombe Cahen-Salvador was originally published on Brut America in December 2021. Brut America put together a compilation video on the theme "All I want for Christmas is...." in which they asked thought leaders to share the causes they most want to...

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