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The Economy 💰

In the last decades, globalization fostered economic development at skyrocketing rates, elevating billions of people out of poverty and creating a truly worldwide market. However, distortions are persisting and growing, such as the concentration of wealth in an increasingly smaller elite and the inability to quickly adapt to the needs of our planet, due to a lack of transnational solutions and cooperation. Examples of the areas transnational solutions are needed include, but are not limited to, topics such as fiscal justice, the fight against poverty, technology, space exploration, and the green economy. 

Transnational policies can be put in place to fix such flaws and give new impetus for an inclusive, free, fair, and sustainable global economy. Atlas’ solutions will work to enhance minimum standards of living for everyone, ensure real accountability for corporations, develop common space technology to advance our understanding of the universe, and create major opportunities out of the green transition.